Aura Duct Care is very glad that our customers choose us for their  air duct cleaning and dryer vent cleaning needs. We are confident that wise homeowners and businesses will decide to make their research on the companies before calling a professional. We can’t be more thankful for all the trust and support from our customers side! Aura Duct Care always works on

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providing the best customer service and be very responsive. Highly experienced technicians, state-of-the-art equipment, and excellent customer service- are the actual reasons why people choose us for their Air Duct Cleaning, Dryer Vent cleaning needs! Feel free to see what our clients think about the top-notch service we provide below.


“Residential, Industrial & Commercial Air Duct Cleaning Comes to You”

It’s been said that your Home & Office is your castle. You take pride in it, and you want it to be just right. That’s why it’s so important to have confidence that you’re working with the very best when you choose a contractor. You need to be sure the company you choose is competent, service-oriented, and successful.When you choose to work with us, that’s exactly what you’ve found. But we don’t expect that you’ll just take our word for it. We’ve built our success over the years on service and excellence, and the evidence is clear:

Knowledgeable Cleaning Professionals

We started small and focused on doing the job right. Our focus on quality and on customers has allowed us to more than triple our size, and to build a team of knowledgeable cleaning professionals. When you need Air Duct Cleaning, you want to be confident you’ll receive excellent value. Our long-term team members inspire that confidence. We are located in Huntington Beach and we serve all Orange County area. Aura Duct Care will help you with your duct cleaning needs.

Because of our success, and especially because of the support of our wonderful clients through the years, we are pleased to be able to give back to our community.

Our Clients Love Us

My parents’ house needed full maintenance and I was struggling when it came to ducts, because most HVAC companies don’t offer cleaning services. My friend used Aura Duct Care recently and suggested me to get these guys as they are real professionals and know what they do.

I contacted Aura Duct Care via Yelp and ask them for their rates. Arial responded within a few minutes and explained everything in one message ( not like other companies saying “we need to take a look first”, “depends on condition”, “take pictures for us” etc.). They have affordable and competitive rates, they don’t charge you those fake fees like “second floor fee”, “apartment complex fee”, “big furnace fee”.

I called them next day and scheduled an appointment. On the day of my appointment Eddy and Akyl showed up on time wearing masks, gloves and shoe covers (still COVID times). Also they had sent a text message saying they were on the way and their ETA.

They had big professional equipment to clean our ducts. First they checked our ducts and told us what kind of brush they would use so it won’t damage the ducts. It took them only 2-3 hours to finish the job, because they knew what they were doing and they were working nonstop.

After the job they made sure everything is left clean and neat. I loved the service by Aura Duct Care, because:
-they have professional equipment
-they make sure to do a cleaning the right way
-they don’t leave dust and dirt after the job
-nice and friendly technicians
-easy to reach the office to discuss the job
-affordable prices

I highly recommend this company if you need to get air duct cleaning, dryer vent cleaning, appliance repair.

I got following jobs done: full house ducts cleaning, furnace cleaning, air ducts disinfection, dryer vent cleaning, dryer and washer maintenance

My air ducts hadn’t been cleaned in 9 years. I was really happy with their level of professionalism and speed. Eddie and Ted  were 15 min early for our scheduled appointment at 10am. I really appreciated them bringing and wearing shoe covers while in my home. All in all they were really polite and reliable. The air in my home is really fresh and clean after they blew, vacuumed, and washed them. I highly recommend them.

Outstanding service! Ama and Ted were both very professional and polite. We have used other companies in the past and this is by far the most thorough cleanup that we’ve experienced to date. All vents were cleaned and sanitized (and any surrounding dirt that spilled over was picked up as well) . I’m recommending this company to all my friends and relatives!

This is A+++ Duct Cleaning Service Company! I had an AMAZING experience with this company at our office in Santa Fe Springs and look forward to hiring them to clean my house vents soon. Well, and this is going to be a long and detailed review, so strap in and put your seatbelts on. I was diagnosed with environmental allergies early in my teens. They have been in remission for nearly two decades now so I was surprised when when we moved in to this new office in near Norwalk over a year ago and I started sneezing daily while working here. Now if you are in an enviorment like your home or office and you sneeze once a day , thats fine, but if you sneeze like 5 times in a row or you sneeze over 7-10 a day, you have an allergy to that enviorment.  That was what was happening to me. I had the carpets cleaned. I had the walls repainted, I called a window cleaner who steam cleaned the office windows inside and out. I had the AC Filter changed twice! I WAS STILL SNEEZING. I did further research and found out about the possibility of the ducts. Because I often sneezed when the A/C was on. I looked up and found Aura Duct Care. Called, also texted on thub tack, their dispatch was responsive and did their best to fit me into their schedule. They came on a Sunday , two young guys introduced themselves and got to work efficiently. They answered all my questions which I appreciated. They took the ducts off and started running their Aura Machine though the duct system and their cleaning brush (their brush makes noise but it doesn’t damage anything). BRO! This worked amazingly because when they turned the system back on and I took my mask and stood under one of the AC VENTS and I DID NOT SNEEZE ANYMORE. I was then shown the filter system by one of the Aura Duct Care Team and WOW. Dirty is an understatement. I will let my photos show the evidence. People, the air you breathe is SUPER important, I think everyone knows now because of Covid how important it is to breathe clean air. I was lied to by management that the “ducts were new”. Do yourself a favor and invest in your HEALTH and clean your ducts at least yearly. if you are breathing in dust and contaminants from your ducts? do you think that its healthy? Cannot Say More Good Things about this company . I would recommend them for both office/commercial and or residential. I felt like I was treated like family. 🙂
Thank you Eddie, Ted, and the whole Aura Team!

Eddie and Ted arrive at the house a bit later that scheduled but they called 30mins prior to the appointment letting me know they were going to be late. First let me point out everyone can have delays, job taking longer than expected, traffic, whatever the reason delays happen. What doesn’t often happen is a phone call prior to the appointment time. To me this is a distinction between great and average service. Most times I get a call from a business at the expected time of arrival letting me of a delay. Aura was fantastic at communicating and that was excellent in my opinion. So the two gentlemen arrive in covid proper attire even though it’s not mandatory any longer in California if being vaccinated. I appreciated they were courteous and wore the safety gear. Once identified themselves I invited them in to the house and they put on shoe coverings. They asked to see the house and explained how they were going to approach the work and they went to work. The were fast and very clean workers. I noticed they made sure to place furniture back how it was found and paid special attention to the surrounding areas. They explained what was found and no surprise “up-charges” were brought up. The guys finished up showed me a few before and after pictures. To my amazement the ducts were dirtier than I thought.  The after pictures made me feel so much better knowing the temperature will get hot and I will be using my A/C soon. The guys were very well mannered and respectful of our home. Thank you Aura for the great service and more than reasonable price. I will be reaching out annually for a cleaning. They also offered to clean my dryer vent too. Great service, great communication, and terrific work. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Aura duct cleaning. You’ll be happy you gave them a call.


They were quick to respond to our request and were able to setup an appointment that meet our needs.

Eddie and Ted diagnosed our appliances quickly when they arrived. They were very organized and cleaned up the work area very nicely when they were done. They gave us a competitive quote prior to performing the repairs. Fortunately they were able to source the part that it needed sooner than we expected. Eddie and Ted had the part replaced and tested the same day! Thank you for the great service!

Air Duct Cleaning / Aura Duct Care / Huntington Beach / Dryer Vent Cleaning